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iAIR Robot Cleaning System Inc. founded in 2020, became the first company that introduced AI smart robot into cleaning industry in Greater Vancouver. We are proudly serving hundreds of houses, townhomes, apartments and commercial buildings in the past. Our customers are extremely satisfied with their cleaning services and refer more and more customers to us. We will continue to deliver the best air duct cleaning services to more residents at homes and commercial workplaces in Greater Vancouver.

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  • Live Camera

    With built-in cameras and LED lights, you and our technician will be able to see what is inside of your air ducts, which helps us to clean all dust and dirt completely without left-over or hidings or unseens. -air duct cleaning – best furnace cleaning – affordable air duct cleaning cost

  • Rotary Brush

    Rotary brush is much easier to remove the dust or dirt resting on the wall of metal duct especially with damp. Our technician operates the robot to move the spinning brush to remove the dust from all directions. air duct cleaning furnace cleaning air duct cleaning cost

  • Built-in Vacuum

    As soon as brush spinning the dust or dirt away from the air duct, 5.5 HP strong vacuum sucks them right from where they are. There is no dust or dirt flying in the duct or floating back to the air. FREE of DUST. air duct cleaning furnace cleaning air duct cleaning cost

  • Free of Dust

    In the industry, most contractors connect vacuum into furnace duct directly; blow dust from hot-air or return-air vents to main duct. The further the vacuum is away from, the less dust sucks into the vacuum. Dust blows from one side to the other. There is still a lot dust and dirt remain in the duct. air duct cleaning furnace cleaning air duct cleaning cost

  • All-in-one Solution

    We provide different-sized filters and offer a complete package solutions to our Members. From dryer to furnace, HRV, A/C, we have you all covered. Annual VIP membership is available for furnace inspection, maintenance and dryer cleaning. Hassle-free and peace of mind. air duct cleaning furnace cleaning air duct cleaning cost

  • Even MOP Air Duct

    After every process of turbo compressed air blowing, brush spinning, strong vacuum suction, our technician even mop your air ducts and make them look like new, which depends on the duct conditions. air duct cleaning furnace cleaning air duct cleaning cost

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We promise quality, reliable cleaning service every time so you only need to relax and enjoy the fresh air from your HVAC. We work hard to be the best. Our products are high-quality and safe. And we focus on the details, so you have a clean, orderly home and office every time. We guarantee our air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, dryer cleaning service for 30 days.


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