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Facilitators from iAIR Robot Cleaning System Inc. provide premium dryer cleaning in Burnaby and Greater Vancouver. We utilize specialized equipments, such as rotary brushes and vacuum cleaners with LED lights and cameras for better result of removing extra dust, lint, and other debris from your dryer’s piping. All the lint screens, airflow pathways, hoses and duct will be cleaned thoroughly with our sophisticated machinery and skills of our workers that ensures that the machine works safer and cheaper with a greater lifespan. When you pick our services of dryer cleaning in Burnaby, you can anticipate that for your peace of mind and to guarantee that high standards are always upheld, we will deliver supreme and cost-effective services with 100% client satisfaction. Annual membership cards, 20% discount for first-timers, and gift cards in referral programs are also given along with top quality services with zero per cent errors and mistakes.


Why iAir Robot?

Our services providers are available for all working days of the week from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. 30 days service guarantee is also provided to our clients for the quality assurance of our job. Our great attention to detail, cost-effective quality services, additional discounts and high-grade technology usage make us a leading organization that is second to none. Call our office or contact us through our website to get an appointment for dryer cleaning in Burnaby and our expert employees will come right at the time with all the necessary tools to get the task done effectively and efficiently.

Dryer & Duct Cleaning Includes:


Dryer fires are more of a risk today than chimney fires. The most common cause of dryer fires is neglecting to clean and clear the dryer vents. Over time dryer vents build with material preventing proper ventilation, allowing heat to build and eventually causing it to ignite.


The best prevention and protection is ensuring your dryer vents are cleaned by the experts regularly. The frequency of required cleaning will vary depending on levels of use and layout of the duct work. Do not wait for disaster to strike. Ensure you and your family are protected from dryer fires.


Early detection of lint build up can prevent dangerous dryer fires from happening. Some of the signs that might indicate your dryer vents need to be cleaned are:

  • Clothes are taking a long time to dry or possibly not drying at all
  • Excessive moisture buildup in your laundry room resulting in a high level in condensation
  • A burning smell occurs when running your dryer.


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