Eco-Friendly Sanitizing Burnaby

The most typical reason you may want HVAC eco-friendly sanitizing services in Burnaby is if someone around you suffers from typical respiratory disorders such as asthma or seasonal allergies. When there are significant quantities of pollutants or pathogens in the air, these symptoms can frequently cause extremely uncomfortable situations. When there are infections to be shared, they might aggravate or worsen such symptoms and after the covid-19 outbreak, these conditions can be worsened if the heating and cooling systems are not carefully cleaned and disinfected. Our eco-friendly sanitizing services in Burnaby are available for your HVAC systems, HRV systems, fireplaces, furnaces, air conditioners, dryers, duct and vents to control the infection and transmission of coronavirus and other respiratory diseases through these appliances in your domestic as well as commercial premises.

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Why Eco-Friendly Sanitizing

The coronavirus pandemic is a problem for all of humankind, and part of the battle involves raising hygiene standards both individually and at work. Your location may have had a coronavirus case, or you may want to take preventative precautions; in either case, IAIR Robot Cleaning company can have you covered. We have AI robots, UV lights, green disinfectants, fogging machines to disinfect and sanitize your property and for the protection of both our clients and staff, our workers adhere to all preventive measures such as masks, gloves, regular testing of our employees, clean uniforms, disinfection of equipment and such other things. We offer the greatest and safest eco-friendly sanitizing services in Burnaby, contact us right away to hire us.


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