HRV Cleaning Burnaby

HRV cleaning in Burnaby is best offered and delivered by iAIR Robot Cleaning System Inc. Regular maintenance guarantees that every heat recovery system is kept in the best shape and issues are avoided later in life. This is typically something the property’s owner can accomplish with modest activities such as changing the filters on ventilation systems. So that no warranties are invalidated or other difficulties, more sophisticated maintenance is required from a skilled engineer. But for much larger premises of any industrial or commercial sector’s HRV system will need professionals to do the maintenance and cleaning for it and when you need experts for HRV cleaning in Burnaby, there is no better than us.

  • Complete Heat Recovery System Cleaning

We use sophisticated technical machines for effective and efficient cleaning with green and eco-friendly chemicals. Complete cleaning packages are given to our clients with different sized filters and advanced vacuums that have built-in cameras, LEDs and moving brushes to clean every single trace of dirt or debris in your HRV. AI robots are also utilized by us for HRV cleaning in Burnaby if your system is in a rather poor condition and the best thing is that it all comes within insanely low expenses.


We offer annual memberships for regular clients and for first-timers we give a 20% discount on every service they hire. Our courteous clients who refer us to their friends and families can avail gift cards while we never compromise on the quality of our services. Our employees ensure your complete satisfaction along with 30 days service guarantee.

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