Air Duct Cleaning

Keep your home looking and running incredible all around and further develop your air quality with clean air pipes. iAir Robot Cleaning is a main supplier of expert Air Duct Cleaning in Burnaby, BC. We are proud with an “exclusive expectation of demonstrable skill, workmanship, security and fantastic client care” with the best-esteem HVAC and air pipe cleaning administrations.

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Furnace & Duct Cleaning

iAir Robot Cleaning provides furnace, heat siphon and humidifier establishment, upkeep and fix services for private and business to make your home and working environment agreeable, sound and safe.

Our agreeable, trustworthy and capable personnel are devoted to serve and give brief, proficient and great help at the most reduced expense for our customers. You might consider having your air conduits and dryer vents cleaned basically in light of the fact that air pipes will get messy over the long run and ought to be sometimes cleaned.

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Hvac Cleaning

A HVAC unit can turn into a favorable place for dust, dust, microbes, and a large group of different toxins. Left unchecked, messy conduits can regurgitate unsanitary air and pollutants into rooms, and that can decline or even reason respiratory issues.

An appropriately kept up system with reliable HVAC channel cleaning organization, then again, will assist in improving circulating quality, creating better relaxing for your dear ones.

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Air Conditioner Cleaning

iAir Robot Cleaning offers property holders in Burnaby and the encompassing regions AC cleaning services that assist with forestalling expensive fixes and substitutions, keeping your home cool and your wallet lighter the entire summer.

Predictable check ups that forestalls long haul issues following the set up of your home air conditioning system, assisting you with staying away from terrible astonishments

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Dryer & Duct Cleaning

At whatever point we talk about dryer vent cleaning, ask ourselves how regularly we do clothing at our home. The standard answer is more than one time per week.
Dryer vent cleaning needs proficient support and consists of cleaning the build up and the residue which is impeding the vent from the dryer to the external vent. In case it’s been over a year since you’ve cleaned your dryer venting framework last, it’s an ideal opportunity to get it taken a gander at by iAir Robot Cleaning in Burnaby, BC.

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Fireplace Cleaning

We give solid fireplace cleaning administrations including cleaning, fixes, clearing, service and upkeep. Our staff are solid, expeditious and accommodating. We highly esteem our client care and fulfillment. Try not to stop for a second to get some information about some other home administrations you might require. Burnaby fireplace cleaning is a tough situation that requires some climbing and substantial relaxing. Recruit us to deal with this so you can return to getting a charge out of time around the chimney.

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Hrv Cleaning

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) frameworks are demonstrated to work on the general productivity and wellbeing of your home by flowing outside air all through. While a HRV framework effectively attracts outside air and debilitates flat air, it additionally assists with forestalling mold and contagious development in the home. iAir Robot Cleaning provides the best technicians to do the job for you.

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Eco-friendly Sanitizing

At iAir Robot Cleaning, we value giving the most significant level of clean. Our group is prepared and focused on fulfilling your high guidelines. Shared gear, restricted space and normal regions, for instance, mean messy workplaces can undoubtedly turn into a hotbed of microbes and contaminations. This makes them bound to spread. We use positively no synthetics so you can partake in a disinfected space with no undesirable scents, aggravations or allergens.

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Uv Light Disinfection

iAir Robot Cleaning in Burnaby, BC gives dependable and intensive without hands Uv Light Disinfection. The handsfree robot obliterates destructive microbes and infections, which is so basic now as there is incredible requirement for without hands sanitization to guarantee client security and certainty, and to oversee functional financial plans. Through its independent route equipment and programming innovation and Uv Light , the robot vibratively sanitizes high-contact surfaces and forestalls hurtful infections from spreading.

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